Sunday, March 31, 2013

Last minute trip to KI

A friend of mine and her hubby were organizing a trip over the Easter break to Kangaroo Island, aka "KI" and I was desperate to go along but was tied down due to work. On the day they were leaving for the island I got a phone call from my boss telling me that my shift was cancelled (yey!!!) I immediately jumped online and booked a seat on the ferry so I too could join in on the island fun.

What KI looks like as a map....

....and what KI looks like in reality.......AMAZING NO?!

KI is about a 45min ferry ride from Adelaide's Cape Jervis, about 110 km (70 miles for those of you in the US). The island was discovered by Captain Matthew Flinders 1802!! and is home to an array of flora and fauna including the Australian Sea Lion.

                            -Seal Bay-

Kangaroo Island's Seal Bay Conservation Park is the only site in the world where you can get up close and personal with these amazing creatures! We picked a good time to visit the island as many seals had recently given birth so there were lots of pups to see. I can't believe how close we got.

We camped out on a friend's property (free accommodation, SCORE!) and took the Jeep out driving for most of the day, visiting all of the sights.

We lucked out with the weather on the first day with only a few showers here and there, letting us do just about everything on our list; Admirals Arch and the New Zealand Fur Seals, Cape Borda Light House and Conservation Park, Snellings, and Vivonne.
                                  -Remarkable Rocks-
The weather wasn't so nice the next day but held up until lunch time, when we retreated to the car for some warmth and some instant noodles :) My favourite place from the whole trip would definitely have to be Stokes Bay- a pristine white sandy beach with crystal-clear water. To get to there you have to climb over the boulders and pebble beach, through a hole in the rocky cliff and out to the other side, all of which is only accessible at low tide.
Climbing, climbing.....

.........the BEACH!!

SOOOO beautiful!! I went off exploring the cliff and came across a secluded little cave pool enclosed by the rocks. I went in calf-deep and wished it were summer so I could dive in. I tried to take photos but the water was so clear that it just looked like sand! We decided that we would have to go back during the summer time and camp out at Stokes Bay beach. It was just too gorgeous to not return.

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