Saturday, June 25, 2011

La Fuerza de*Frida* Vogue

Photos from Vogue Mexico: Michael Filonow

Life sucks!

So the semester is finally over and it is tme to relax before I start work fo the holidays. I have been dreaming of my fur coats on laybuy and finally went in to pick them up from the Goodwill store a few weeks ago. With some dosh in my hand, I skipped down there expecting to come home with two new pets and you wouldnt believe what happened when I asked for them! Apparently they had lost my laybuy.


Yeh right, they probably went to put them aside and someone offered them money upfront and they sold them. Cant f**king believe it! I had been thinking of them babies for ages and they had to screw me over! I was so mad! They gave me back my deposit and all they could do was say "sorry, I dont know how this could have happened". I am angry. I am peeved. And I am depressed. I had my heart set on these coats. If you have ever tried to buy a fur you will no how hard it is to find one that fits perfectly. These two were like a glove...and they were on sale. I will never find a deal like that ever again.

Sucks to be me.

Sunday, May 29, 2011



Browsing the web last night I came across the most amazing little flats ever...

Maison Martin Margiela Tabi Flats!!

These little gems are inspired by traditional Japanese Tabi, made from super lux Italian leather with cute little leather ties on the front. They come in cracked gunmetal black, patent black, matte black and ballet pink. I first found them on ebay for $800!! After a mild heart attack I continued on to find them cheaper...and boy was I lucky! On the Maison Martin Margiela site they are reduced to...wait for it...$228!!!! *shriek*

Sadly I am currently studying my Masters and am again a poor student so of course I cannot afford these little beauties...once I start work in the holidays I hope things will change :P But until can only dream...*sigh*

Kimono: Winter Style

Rugging up for Winter

I love when winter rolls around and I get to rug up in super heavy scarves and chunky-knit beanies! I am in love with fur this year and cannot wait until it gets cold enough to wear. I recently laybuy'd two furs from my local op-shop for $40!! One is the most beautiful fox fur waist length coat in mint condition, no tears or bald spots, and the other is a chocolate brown cropped-sleeve, fur patchwork coat!! I will put some photos up when I get them in my lucky little hands heeeee! I am also still totally obsessed with kimono fabrics, I just wish I had mine here in Adelaide with me so I could rock them with the furs, Paris style (think Nadeah)!!

Here are some photos I have collected from street shot sites like Face Hunter, the Satorialist, and from my countless photo folders that inspire my look:

Frenchie Collectibles

Since I lost my two darling girls I have become obsessed with finding French Bulldog collectibles. I miss my angels so much that I feel I need to surround myself with beautiful smooshie faces just like theirs.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

I have been super slack lately, sticking only to Facebook for keeping in contact with people and post cool shit I find online. I often come back to my blog all motivated to write but then can't be bothered as it takes so long to upload photos etc and revert back to fb. This has been happening for like a year now and I am so angry with myself for not actually continuing. The other reason why I cant be bothered is because my brain has decided to go into fog mode and I seem to be having issues extracting information from it... the perils of study overload I guess.

Well, here goes one more attempt :P Let's hope it sticks.

Lui xx