Friday, February 20, 2009

19-21st -2-09

20-2-09 Outfit
*Forever 21 tattoo long top
*Country Road cami
*Beanie from Japan
*G-Star jeans
Yesterday I went over to East Nashville to check out some vintage stores and boutiques. We headed to the Hip Zipper to shop where I bought a coral/salmon pink 70's coat, then I Dream of Weanie where we munched on hotdogs. After that we went to Hillsborough Village to check out the college area. Found a cute store that sold Mexican wares and cool jewellery, a nice bakery, a cafe called Fido-really cute must go back!!, The Paper store- a really cutesy feminine stationary store, Katy-K Ranch Dressing western wear, then we ate ate the Mexican popsicle store where they had flavours like Rosewater, Hibiscus, Chilli and Chocolate..Yum!!

The day before yesterday we went downtown to the music area of Lower Broadway which was a lot of fun! Went into the Hatch Show Print Show, picked up some Elvis glasses to wear when we head to Memphis, and posed with Elvis.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


A couple of days ago I did some sewing while mum went to work on her new machine and I made a really cute red white and blue apron. I cannot believe it turned out so well considering I havent sewed on a machine since high school and cant read a pattern!!


*Country Road sweater $70
*American Eagle jeans $30
*Lucky Brand necklace on sale $10 reduced from $79!!
Today I went a couple of antique markets to take photos on my Diana and one of them was next to tracks used for freight trains. It was a surreal experience for me to be able to walk and jump over them. I have walked over tracks and level crossings in Japan before but these were raised train tracks like you see people being tied to in movies. It was awesome!!

We also took a drive downtown to take my film in for developing and was able to take some quick snaps on my digital- I am planning to go back specifically to take some photos of the vintage signage and shop fronts etc so will post them when I do it ;0


*Lucky Brand wool cardigan on sale $9.99
*Forever 21 white Tee $3
*American Eagle jeans
(not shown)
*Pink scarf borrowed from mum
*Red hair flowers hand-made by me

Melissa Shoes

I discovered Melissa shoes about 5 years ago and have been in love with them ever since. I admit that they are a little pricey (I was lucky enough to get mine on sale) but definately worth the cost.

These gorgeous shoes have been around for the past 25 years and designer Zaha Hadid released her signature mary-jane style Melissa shoe to the public in 2007. Melissa has also teamed up with an array of famous designers such as Vivienne Westwood, the Campana brothers, Edson Matsuo, Judy Blame...etc...
My favourite are definately the Vivienne Westwood designs ;0

Saturday, February 14, 2009


*Forever 21 Croched Beanie $8;
*American Eagle Slim Jeans $30;
*Vans on sale for $30;
*Lucky Brand 3/4 Tee on sale from Lucky Brand Outlet for $9.

What I am wearing 12/2/09

Since aquiring quite a lot of new clothes during my stay in that States I have been having problems deciding on what to wear. Too many cute things and only so many days to wear them. So to make it easier for myself to choose what to wear and what looks good or not, I will be taking photos daily of my outfits and uploading them. This way when I want to wear something I can just scroll through my photos and see what I wore it with the last time.

*Lucky Brand Embroidered Cardigan from Lucky Brand store $99;
*Anthropologie Blossom Pendant from Anthropologie store on sale $9.50;
*American Eagle Boyfriend Jeans from A.E. store $30;
*Steve Madden Flats on sale for $25.