Sunday, March 31, 2013

Fairytale Hair

I have always been quite conservative with my hair. It has been long and naturally curly for all of my life, occasionally blonded with foils. The most drastic thing I ever did was cut it into a bob a few years back and I had a love-hate relationship with it. I had never ventured out into the world of colours until last winter.
I had about a hundred photos I had been collecting from various blogs of pastel hair, rainbow hair and dipped-dyed hair. I decided to go for it and dye my hair something pretty and feminine. 
 I started with a light pink rinse incase I hated it. I then got my confidence up and went for bright pink.

Sick of the upkeep, I went back to fairy floss pink and then one day on a whim I dyed it light purple....

....and then... SHOCKER... I went to dark purple!!

 After a fair few months of cute, colourful hair, I was over having to bleach my pillow cases and t-shirts white again. My hair was in pretty poor condition and needed some love. I went back to being a blonde and had some much needed treatment done.

Now that it is winter again, of course I am tempted to dye my hair all over again! I miss having beautiful princess hair and feeling like a mermaid! I have always wanted to have red hair...and by red I mean orange, bright "Fifth Element" orange! Who knows how long I will be able to resist before I cave in :)
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