Saturday, June 25, 2011

Life sucks!

So the semester is finally over and it is tme to relax before I start work fo the holidays. I have been dreaming of my fur coats on laybuy and finally went in to pick them up from the Goodwill store a few weeks ago. With some dosh in my hand, I skipped down there expecting to come home with two new pets and you wouldnt believe what happened when I asked for them! Apparently they had lost my laybuy.


Yeh right, they probably went to put them aside and someone offered them money upfront and they sold them. Cant f**king believe it! I had been thinking of them babies for ages and they had to screw me over! I was so mad! They gave me back my deposit and all they could do was say "sorry, I dont know how this could have happened". I am angry. I am peeved. And I am depressed. I had my heart set on these coats. If you have ever tried to buy a fur you will no how hard it is to find one that fits perfectly. These two were like a glove...and they were on sale. I will never find a deal like that ever again.

Sucks to be me.
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