Thursday, January 22, 2009

Diana F+

For my 21st birthday present I received a Lomography Diana F+ camera. These cameras were created in Hong Kong in the 60's as a cheap plastic 120 camera that cost about a dollar. The Diana was discontinued in the 70's but its popularity soon sky-rocketed and it became a rare and quirky sought-after camera.

"They loved its soft & dreamy images, super-saturated colors, unpredictable blurring, and random contrast. Diana shots are raw & gritty, with a character all their own. They simply cannot be duplicated by any other camera on Earth! In short order, the Diana rose to prominence as one of the most treasured...analog cameras from the late 70’s onward."

I tried out 4 rolls of film. I tried out the first colour roll at night using the flash. I was really worried this would not turn out as the Lomo suggests you use a tripod if shooting at night. I did not. But I was extremely happy with the result.

The second roll was a disaster!! The film got caught whilst winding on so I had to unroll it twice and reload. I did this in the dark and assumed it would be fine to use. But I was wrong and a whole roll of film was wasted!! All my photos from a friends Christmas party turned out light damaged. But luckily enough the camera guy just developed them in negs not prints for me.

The third role was also sort of a disaster. I attached the fish-eye lense and experimented with different coloured flashes. OUt of the 12 photos only 5 turned out nicely. For 2 shots I stupidly had the lens cap on. As this was my first time using the fish-eye I wasnt sure whether to look through the camera's viewfinder or the one on the fish-eye. SO images in 4 of the shots are indistinguishable and did not frame properly.

My fourth role of film was B+W and turned out fantastic!!! I took the camera golfing in Murwillumbah with some friends. It was an overcast day but I didn't bother with the flash. I also experimented with taking multiple exposures and was extremely happy with the results.

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