Monday, April 22, 2013

Tadanori Yokoo 横尾 忠則

While searching the internet for some images of kimono for my thesis, I came across this artist,Tadanori Yokoo  横尾 忠則 (b.1936). He specializes in graphic design, illustration and printmaking, with his most famous works being advertisement posters relating to Japanese popular culture.
In 1968 Yukio Mishima claimed, "Tadanori Yokoo's works reveal all of the unbearable things which we Japanese have inside ourselves and they make people angry and frightened. He makes explosions with the frightening resemblance which lies between the vulgarity of billboards advertising variety shows during festivals at the shrine devoted to the war dead and the red containers of Coca Cola in American Pop Art, things which are in us but which we do not want to see."
Someone should definitely get a tattoo of his work!

*Works sourced here.
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