Thursday, August 26, 2010

Curly will be with me forever xx

My snookies Curly

I am thinking about getting a tattoo in honour of my beloved pooch Curly.

I have decided that yes I want to do it, but I am still trying to decide on a style. Portrait or cartoon???
Both styles have points that I love. If I go with a portrait style tattoo, I will always see her beautiful face as it was. Think of Pink's tattoo of her bulldog Elvis, or the Marilyn Monroe tattoo Megan Fox has on her right forearm. Simple and beautiful. Or I could go with a cartoon version of Curly. This way I could illustrate the qualities I remember her by- her silly smile, her cheeky clown-like personality... its just too hard to decide!

Here are some very cute pet tattoos to help me with my decision:

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